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Roll call for Vintage Celebration

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I'm there, who's in?

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tt, there are supposed to be a bunch of imported japs coming to ride and i told decamp that I'd loan em the mt if they show up. Friends of Hiroshi.

JB, you coming or not? I cant tell from that last post.

And yes, Larry's boss is a nut. total fruit.

LWSV it is! !! !
My bike is still in bits and there's an inch of rain in the forecast for Saturday morning practice. That's no good for bedding a new brake. Unless the "Hand Of God" makes an appearance, it looks like I'm out for this one. I guess there's something to be said for being left off of the USCRA mailing list and not pre-registering.

Monkey - I guess I'm going to need that fender shipped unless I make it down on Sunday to play spectathelete.
wow . . . people are falling out fast and furious . .. and what about that cryptic note from marhan . . . gris/rescheduling due to pre-reg?

I'm outta here, on the road with Jaguar/baker . . .
fender will be at the track... if you do not show.... i will ship one next week



PS. TT, hand me a $20 bill every single hour you are there in the rain, night and day, even while sleeping, until Sunday evening....that's my price of admission. So of course I am disappointed when the weather is crappy. I bitch to my friends cause that's what friends are for. Nobody's fault, my choice...but I'm going to be one disgruntled son of a bitch. And it's not easy, it's hard to be disgruntled. I haven't even broken out my guns yet.
I went up and paid the late entry...$295 for 3 classes.
Looks like I may get 24 laps in on Sunday...if I don't crash out of any races.
That's only $12.29 per lap but I only have to drive 40 miles, unlike you out of state people.

I'm heading up in the morning. I couldn't see camping out when its raining as hard as it is right now. I've got a range of jets for the BSA so we'll see what we can do. This is just a tune up for June right?

Mike O.
Technically...since I did no laps...I paid an infinite amount of money per lap.

But...I had lots of fun none the less. Will be raging at the FIM meet.

81 - 87 of 87 Posts
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