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Will be getting my tank back from being painted Monday and Im needing a new rear mount for it...the one thats under the front of the seat. Does the dealers still have these or will I need to look on ebay?

The bike is about ready to ride. Got my turn signals last week, Clubmans are going on tomorrow, Cafe seat pod, master cyl rbuild kit, and bar end mirrors will be here mid next week. Looking for options on mounting the seat. The pan doesnt look like it has provisions to mount the stock hinges. Can anybody post up some pics showing how they mounted their Cafe seats? Looking for something that will be easy to remove when needed.

Swapped color choices for the bike. The PO had painted the sidecovers purple pearl...actually looked like a metallic royal blue or something. Im going with the Interstate Batteries trucks shade of green. We make the bodies and paint them where I work.

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