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rust in fuel tank

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i have some rust and old sealant that is flaking off in my fuel tank. been able to pick most of the falling stuff off and get it out. ive also seen a few different ideas of how to clean and re-coat the tank but i wanted to hear from you guys about what you have used and whats worked.

There is the right way, the wrong way and the british way to do anything!
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Bringing the topic back from the dead... Decided the inside of my tank was rusty enough to take some action. Scooped up some Naval Jelly today from a local hardware store. Anyone have experience with this business? What aditional steps do I need to take once I do it? I'm guessing a sealer. Any sugguestions?
If I do the naval jelly would I have to do the full por15 kit or could I just purchase the lining portion of it?
You've got quite a valid point. The way I'm looking at it is I've got a full month before consistant riding weather hits Wisconsin, so I want to get the most effective and quality work done before then. Is the POr15 available in stores do you know or is it online purchases only?
Did some research in the area and found that the only shop that services classics wants $120 just to clean the damn rust out. He uses a naval jelly style product and another undisclosed super secret product to strip it down to all bare metal, take it to a media blaster and run walnut shells through it to strip all the remaining rust out, and then rinses it out with some water. Doesn't even do a lining just because he does have faith in Kreeme (it sucks), hasn't used POR15, and believes the metal is good as a new tank once the process in done.

On the other hand I called up a radiator shop and they'll do a boil, steamclean, and redkote for $60. If Redkote is a as good as ya'll say it's a toss up between that or a new tank all together, just because I'm not in love with the current one and it's kinda cruiser like. Which tanks could be easily modded to fit on a CM250 Custom? I was hoping that the CX500 or any CB tank could fit.
I'm going to naval jelly the tank then do the full POR15 treatment. Hopefully that'll keep me satisfied until I can find a flatter tank instead of the standard style I currently have.
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