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rust in fuel tank

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i have some rust and old sealant that is flaking off in my fuel tank. been able to pick most of the falling stuff off and get it out. ive also seen a few different ideas of how to clean and re-coat the tank but i wanted to hear from you guys about what you have used and whats worked.

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acetone will dissolve the old lining in there, and Naval jelly can dissolve the rust (and rinses out with water).

Por15 is a good kit. I used to use RedKote when I worked at the radiator shop and that stuff was awsome. Strongest stuff I have ever seen.
Naval jelly is pretty cool. I usually throw it in there with a bunch of old bolts and shke it up to help the stuff break the scale loose. Naval jelly dissolves in water so you will have rinse it out with water before you thow a lining in. If you read above the por 15 kit is recommended. I also recommend redkote because it is tough as nails but the por15 kit is way more accessible.
Why do you want to do things half assed?

I am sure you could just do the lining of it but you are taking an awful chance that the inside of the tank is going to be superclean after your NJ treatment and the reality is it will not be. The metal ready is the cheap part of it, the lining part is the expensive part. You are not really saving any money. If that lining doesn't stick your tank is going to be even more fucked up because you may have to then chemically dissolve or burn the lining out and do it all over again - at which point you will have wasted a lot of money.

When we used to do redkote at the radiator shop, and we would treat the tanks with acid and then blow it out with compressed air. All tanks are going to need some kind of prep right before the lining goes in. Redkote doesn't dissolve in anything btw and has to be burned out with a torch.
Redkote is the shiznit. I had a fiberglass tank I made when I worked at the radiator shop. At the time I was very bad at fiberglass so they owner suggested I run redkote inside it. Well the redkote broke loose as one solid chunk, and the tank - thanks to my bad fiberglass work - disintegrated around the redkote lining. In the end I ended up cracking all the fibergalss off so I has just the redkote lining. It was like a giant fuel bag but I actually rode the bike home like that. The radiator shop still has my gas bag fuel tank although one of the other guys there crushed it by accident. That is how good redkote is you can use just the lining in a pinch.

Take some measurements of your tank and then hit ebay. Ask sellers to measure stuff for you, most will. I imagine the cm250 has a very small backbone so I don't imagine there are too many tanks that will be too small, most will be too big. Nothing is going to be strictly bolt on but that is the price of custom gots to make it fit sometimes....
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