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rust in fuel tank

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i have some rust and old sealant that is flaking off in my fuel tank. been able to pick most of the falling stuff off and get it out. ive also seen a few different ideas of how to clean and re-coat the tank but i wanted to hear from you guys about what you have used and whats worked.

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I'm using a product called Rusteco. I've let my tank cure for 48 hours with it. I bought only one gallon of the stuff (a bit pricey) so I had to slosh it around constantly, leave it upside down over a bucket, on its sides....but I drained it and power washed it and the rust is gone. They recommend you put it back in for another 24hours to cure so thats where I am with it now.
My understanding is that its re-usable, so I will be dunking all my rusty parts in it. Its also safe on paint and chrome, and its ecologicaly friendly.
I didnt want to use any harsh chemicals since my original paint job is mint. I also didnt want to run the risk of getting pinholes in the tank from an acid etching. Also, ive heard of the lining wearing out after a few years....
The down side is that I will have to keep the tank topped right off to ensure the vile rust doesnt come back.
good luck
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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