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s. jersey, pa, delaware bike auction

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chris m is helping coordinate a bike auction next sat/sunday. lots of different bikes in lots of different conditions. if i dont go to beaver run to race, i'll probably go check it out.

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cool. i might be there. i'l let you know.

i dont know. i have to wonder about it all. you cant control the people that show up, and if want to bid, then bid what you think its worth to ya! id just like to check out some of the bikes and hang out. i already have a 175 i need to pay for and also now am trying to track down a type 1 350.

nope, i was in ct plumbing in sinks in my girlfreinds parents house. the van was chris'. tan minivan with ducatis sticker on the back? it might have had some huge ugly assed trailer on the back.

how was hooters???

1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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