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Hi, just introducing myself. It was going to be a quick "hi" and instead is a bit of a brain dump, so sorry in advance. I took a long time to figure out what kind of riding I really liked and even longer to appreciate the history and aesthetics of 2 wheels and a motor.
Anyway, I gently breathed on my Sachs Roadster 800 that was originally blue. "It's only original once" was my mantra here.

Actually found this forum after trying to reach out to Steveo, on the off chance the Sachs Roadster leftover panels/tank might be available (link to the phenomenal conversion Suzuki Intruder) . A year or so later, these panels popped up on ebay, lightly sanded for paint. My plan to keep them for off-road/track use was short-lived as a repaint quote was very attractive.

I've not done anything drastic to mine, and I wouldn't dream of calling it a cafe racer (answers on a postcard). I mostly fettled handling, brakes and aesthetics away from the 90s track suit effect. The challenge was sourcing unobtainable parts or finding alternatives to fit:
  • Spent a long time deliberating the colour. British Racing Green is sacrilege for a German bike, so my compromise was Porsche Dark Olive Metallic.
  • I liked the bobber style line on the bench seat, so recovered to emphasise it
  • Stiffened both ends. They sold a rare fork spring kit from the even rarer Sachs B-805, which is linear and a bit stiffer. The shocks are Hagon Nitros originally for Honda Valkyrie F6C
  • Engine is stock & exhaust are stock. Just PAIR value delete and carbs fettled by Steve Jordan Motorcycles
  • Theses Marzocchi forks are also fitted to some mid-90s Ducati monsters, so took a punt (and won) and the 40mm Brembo calipers replaced the ageing Grimeca ones. Also fitted EBC prolite discs
  • Shin Yo Headlight and indicators. Smoke rear light, also a Ducati monster item.
  • Simple stainless tail tidy and noir switchgear
  • Heated grips and Heidenau K73 tyres (originally for super moto) help extend my riding season and shorten the gearing a bit.
Well done if still reading, here are some before and after pics.
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Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Vehicle

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