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Saturday Night Thunderdome

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Well, for those of you that seek some cheap thrills, well sort of cheap, (12$ at the gate, 35$ per class if you're racing) I can reccomend a trip to Middletown N.Y. next saturday for the last night of racing at the "Thunderdome". Worth the trip if you live within a 2 hour circle of the Orange County Fairgrounds.
This is an indoor oval race, on concrete with "coke syrup" on it for traction, and trust me, there is traction. Very short track, first gear only, and very tight action.
I raced, but didn't qualify for the feature. There was some very cool racing going on though, especially the Pro, or money payout classes. There are some National ranked riders there, as well as local Pro's.
Cool bikes as well, especially the Vintage class, a Gold Star, an early '70s Harley Davidson 250, a battered, but wicked fast Bultaco, as well as the the typical Yammie and Honda 500s.
They also run Quads, which are stoopid loud, and not quite sane.
If you go, bring earplugs...and a camera, 'cause you won't believe it.
For info, call 845-343-4826. They are running this Saturday, 12th, as a make-up date from the big snow storm 3 weeks ago.

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coke syrup? you got to be kidding, right? how the heck do they spread it down, and better get it up afterward.

i thought cleaning my bike up from the sand at kershaw/jennings was a bitch, guess i'll reconsider.

in the next couple of years, after i graduate, pay off some bills, have consistant health insurance, etc... i'm definately gonna get into flat track racing. it's so american and very cool! i really want to take in a real race. i've only seen it on t.v., and well it's cool but definately not like it is in living color.

what kinda bike do you run?

thanks fr, i'll look into it.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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