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Seat Suggestions

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Hey all! Just picked up this 76 Yamaha xs500. I would like to modify the rear fender and change the seat to a single person cafe racer style seat. As well as put in new rear shocks. Open to suggestions.
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As I said in the other thread, see if you can find a Guiliari seat for it.

Short of that, this looks similar and viable:

Yamaha TX500 XS500 solo cafe racer seat saddle CODE: S2072 | eBay

It doesn't look terrible and is built on a stock seat pan so it fits perfectly. It also should allow you to keep the stock bodywork so the bike will look much more factory/refined/finished.
If it were me I would wait until I had the bike and the seat removed and find a seat that is made to work with the current frame structure. As opposed to chopping to fit or having an ill fitting seat. If you could find a Guiliari or Corbin they will be made to fit directly and properly.

Also I would change the bars first and then determine what you want for a seating position . You can likely get a seat shaped and covered, by a local company, on the existing pan for around the same money as buying and shipping a complete Taiwan seat, And you will be able to make sure it complements the tank and visually ties-in properly.
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Right on! Thank you guys!!
If you solo seat it you will end up wanting to move the footpegs and controls rearward too. Pegs are only positioned that far forward because it was originally designed for a passenger and taller bars.
Ok gotcha. That makes sense! Thanks!
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