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Service shop in NYC.

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Can anyone recommend a good shop in my area that works on vintage Hondas? I need to get a full tune up. I know about but Im dont think his shop is up yet.
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Well I got her running fellas. I replaced the clutch cable, gassed her up, replaced the plugs, dropped in a new battery and she runs perfectly. Idles at 1200 without any problems. Gears shift smoothly. Every things seems to be pretty good. Im going to need a few news things, especially tires but Ill ask you guys about that later.

After doing the clutch cable, I think I can handle a tuneup myself but Im not sure of a few things. Where is the oil located and how would I replace it? What oil is the best to use? Is rebuilding carbs difficult? Is it just gaskets and what not that need to be replaced? What else should I check and fix? Points? Where are they located?

Sorry for all the questions but Im not familiar with these bikes. Just getting use to them.

Thanks again!
If you are asking these kind of questions you need some one to go over your bike with you. BTW, get a shop manual for your bike - you will need it. Gimmie a call and I'll come over and go over it with you (516) 361 9331.

Oil - old hondas use primarily 10w30 but in the summer I tend to run something a little thicker just in case I get stuck in manhattan traffic.

On old hondas there is either an oil tank or the motor and tranny use a shared tank (internal to the engine). If a seperate oil tank it would be under one of the side covers and have a filler cap. If internal, there will be no oil tank.

The oil drain plug is at the bottom of the engine. Get a shop manual so you know how much oil to put in. to change the oil open the oil drain plug (with a catch can underneath) and let the oil pour out, open the tank filler to let the oil come out faster. When it is all done, close it up and begin pouring oil into the filler neck of the tank. When the recommended amount is in, close the filler. You will need to change the filter when all the old oil is out and before the new oil goes in, refer to your shop manual as to how to do this.

It will take too long for me to type out the rest of what you need to do, just call me and i'll go over it with you in person.
Thanks for the help. My manual came in yesterday and I figured it all out. If I have any more problems Ill definitely give you a call. Thanks again for the help. I really appreciate it.
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