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Shift linkage/GP pattern

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Any of you guys have a CB350 (or others?) and ever accidentally mounted the shift linkage upsidedown? i know most guys fabricate their own flipped linkage to achieve a GP style pattern, I got my bike back from my mechanic who had installed the linkage upside-down and nearly busted my ass when I got first instead of second coming out of the driveway. Wondering if you guys ran your bikes w/ a GP pattern and if you simply flipped the linlage to achieve the pattern. When I looked at mine & put it back on right it looked to me like the linkage was binding up on itself before the lever could push down into anything above 2nd (although my guy claims to have taken it for a test drive and gotten it through all the gears). Like I said, I put my shift linkage back on right-side-up. I was jus wondering if anyone had a CB with the stock linkage upside-down to get a GP pattern & what modifications (if any) they made.
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I run mine GP because it was easier to flip the lever back when using the passenger peg location. Now I've got everything running that way. It shifts a little quicker which may not make much difference on our old bikes but it's a lot easier. You can ditch the linkage and run a short stock lever.
It's also really cool to see that GP sticker they put on at tech in a WERA event. That's got to good for a couple of seconds a lap.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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