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I know alot of you guys are racing these old bikes, so im sure you all know how to shift, and can hopefully tell me if I have a mechanical problem or I just need more time getting used to my XJ650 RJ.

Problem is with coming out of first into second (and vice-versa). Almost every time I try to come up from first there is a point where the gears aren't catching (every now and then stopping in neutral position), and when gearing down into first im occasionally grinding the gears.

Could this be a clutch problem? Because the bike also jumps ahead slightly when i put it into first from neutral.


Silvertone, How do you find shifting on the Seca?

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Most bikes will lurch a tad going from neutral to 1st when they've been sitting in neutral for a moment.

At speed there should be no grinding of gears...bikes use a syncromesh, since all the gears are turning close to the same relative speed there is very little to grind. Sounds like you could have a bent shift fork in the gearbox. If you can feel resistance to movement in the shift lever when you hear the grinding it's mostly likely a bent or worn shift fork. If it pops out of gear a lot it can be worn dogs on the gears or a weak shift "detent" spring.

Problems with shift forks in 1st and 2nd gear isn't that unusual...lots of kids like stomping bikes in gear to do burnouts or wheelies.

On most post 1960 gearboxes you don't even really need the clutch to shift up or down on the move.

This is generic info though, I've never owned or ridden an XJ650R. I did own a XS650 though...wasn't the smoothest shifting bike I've ever seen...and it always jumped when shifting out of neutral.
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