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Anybody have an opinion on motorcycle shipping? I'm looking at a bike on ebay that would have to be shipped. It gets over Sunday night so I only have one business day to figure it out. thanks in advance

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I wouldn't buy a bike on ebay that I couldn't pick up. Too risky. I did buy a bike on ebay, but I kept the search within the range I was comfortable with for picking up.
Too many ways for a transaction to get f**ked up if you don't actually see the bike until it arrives at your driveway. And most of the time, if you're patient, the bike you're looking for will show up in your range.
As a last resort, I'd pick a zip code where I have family or friends that could look at the bike, advise me of condition, and potentially hold it for me till I could arrange to pick it up.
Besides, shipping will add enough to the total price that it is no longer a good deal, unless you're buying something so rare and expensive that it doesn't matter, in which case it's a moot point.
But if I haven't talked you out of it, I researched shipping a bike across the country a couple years ago, I got three quotes from three different companies to ship a bike from LAX to ALB. All three were within $50. I was somewhat amazed and skeptical. In short, I don't think there are any "deals" out there, you're gonna pay the going rate unless you know somebody.

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