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Shop teacher looking for help!

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HI All, this time I’m looking for help for my friend (and Competition) Rick. He is the teacher competing against me in the CB build off. Is one of my best friends so any help would be great. Rick works at Newfield CSD right out side of Ithaca NY. Rick is looking for a 35mm front end. I have a set of cb 550 triples I’m going to give him but he is looking for fork's if any one has any for sale or donation let me know or him [email protected]
Rick is working on a web site and should have it up by the New Year. I also want to propose a question to you all..... would you all be willing to throw in your 2 cents on a vote to see which cycle you like? We are going to be doing voting at each school but you all would be a great non-partial group to break any tie we may come up with. Let me know what you all think.
Thanks for your time
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Unless the scrap guy came today, there is still that cb350/4, along with a bunch of other stuff in my brothers junk pile. Not sure of the fork size, but I am only about 1 1/2 hours from Ithaca. He could come take a look.
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