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Shop teacher needs HELP!!!

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HI All I need a piston to deck clearance for a 71 cb motor. Is the piston in the hole or os it 0 at the deck? We havent broken the motor appart yet and we are trying to get all our ducks in a row with what pistons we can use in the bike. also I know this seams to be a strange request bit does any one have or know some one who has a v-rod headlight assembly? We have checked out local HD dealers and no dice. Every thing on e-bay is going for more than retail so if any one has any sourses or help for us we would realy appricate it.
also check out the updated site
Thanks in advance
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I checked out your website. Sweet project! Wish I'd had an opportunity like that when I was in high school (no way my parents were going to let me take auto shop). Thos are lucky kids. Not sure I can be of any assistance - your project puts mine to shame. You need to post some pics here - all these guys would be interested to see.
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