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Its been a while since I reported on the progress of my CB 750. I also want to repeat that this is the first time that I am doing any of this type of work and I an learning as I go. I don't even have a garage, I work in a tent.

After my top end engine rebuild one of the oil ports that sends oil to the cam must have been plunged and the cam seized on the left side tearing up the cam holder in the process. Luckily I happen to have a spare cam and cam holder off of another engine. This is a good lesson for others when doing top end work. Make sure that all oil ports are open and free. On bikes that have plugs for checking the rocker to valve gap, at initial startup leave the plugs off and check for liberal oil flow/splashing.

Here is a homemade valve spring compression tool.

Last weekend I bobbed my rear fender, I've seen lots of pictures where the bike owners simply cut the fender, I don't like this, I wanted to keep the factory bead the runs around the fender.
As a general rule I don't believe in cutting up a good vintage piece of bike sheet metal, but my fender had a crack on each side. Find a junker to cut up, don't cut up the good stuff.

I cut about 4 inches out of the middle and then carefully measured cut and ground the cut ends to ensure a good fit. I also ground the about a ¼ of an inch back from each edges on each side o ensure a good welding surface. After fitting the two pieces together I tacked the fender together using my MIG and checked the fit it on the bike.

I tried running a short weld bead but the sheet metal just blew threw. I ended up using tack welds, alternated the location of the weld to prevent heat build up that would warp the sheet metal or ruin the chrome.

When I was done I ground down the weld, added some body filler to the pinholes, sanded the filler down, masked off the fender and painted the weld area.

The Emgo Lucas Style taillight I bought will need some work to make it fit to the fender, the slots for the license plate don't even line up to the license plate holes, so I put the original taillight back on for now.

A couple additional points. I made sure to only cut the fender and to keep the reinforcing ears on the fender to weld to. But in tack welding to the reinforcing ears I created a couple of small discolored areas on the fender.
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