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Should i buy 1980 honda cb 650 for a cafe racer build?

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I am not sure what a good bike would be for a cafe racer but I found a 1980 honda cb 650 for sale for $1500 safetied and running. Would this be a good bike to buy for building a cafe racer? I am not sure where to get parts or where parts are available so any help there would be great.
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Okay let's break this up with a little's "G" rated......just a dance.


Anything could be made into a cafe themed bike but some are more suited and others are not. Even if it's not the C model I would be skeptical. Because keep in mind we prefer functional improvements over appearance. The 650 is too heavy....if I recall correctly slower reving and the frame is not up to task for performance. Overall a fine motorcycle but as a racer not so much.

There are plenty examples of them online but most are for dressup. But perhaps you could be the one who makes it work. Good luck
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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