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Should i buy 1980 honda cb 650 for a cafe racer build?

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I am not sure what a good bike would be for a cafe racer but I found a 1980 honda cb 650 for sale for $1500 safetied and running. Would this be a good bike to buy for building a cafe racer? I am not sure where to get parts or where parts are available so any help there would be great.
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Yes, and make the seat from an old wooden skateboard. ;)
Cut the guy some slack. Why does every noob have to be hated on here? He merely asked a couple of relevant questions and the hating already starts. He didn't ask about the most common stupid noob mods or anything so lets not pass judgement until it's time. The important question for OP is whether it is a cruiser model or not. Cruiser model frame are made to put you in a reclining position and not conducive to cafe racer position. If it's a "C" model, pass on it and find something more suited to the goal.
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Like I did.

Give me credit. :)

Danger, is my business."
That's right, it's all about you. But give you credit?, not ever gonna happen.:eek: Your response was merely an opinion with no basis or explanation behind it, so it was useless advice.
A brief piece of advice, based on direct experience, and also research.

Certainly not mere opinion.

Certainly not useless.

Danger, is my business."
To you. To the OP it's merely your opinion with no explanation behind. You expect him to listen merely because it came from the great Wit behind the curtain. You're as forth coming with any credentials to back what so you say as Obama is coming up with a legit Birth Certificate. When I take peoples advice I usually chase it with what I see their experience is. You haven't even been able to show you even own a motorcycle or ever have owned one. I personally know you have no advice that I would need from you.
I can advise you how to kickstart a hot XL, if you like.

Been there, done that.

Danger, is my business."
You're going to advise me on something I did on mine for years? Never had a issue starting my XL on the first kick every time and my names not even Witsnot. $100 says you can't kick start my XL, hot or cold.
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