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am I being indifferent or do I think that the skulls line has sort of lost it's significance? Maybe we should all be wearing t -shirts?

Maybe skulls need to be "forumized" so we don't have to look at the bmw stuff?

been awfully quiet since Jb stopped posting there . . . .
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Kind of too hostile over there for me lately. Like I've said...too many touchy egos, too much politics and philosophy. We manage to all get along fine here. Also...too many non racer poplulating the skulls now, I like bikes and racing.
I'm usually broke that time of the year and can't afford to miss a nights work.
Plus I have all my fans that expect me at work or they might hang themselves.

Tonight I was at the bar waiting to go to work and three fat women bought me a drink. They stayed about another hour after I started, left a good tip and left. Three hours later they come back drunk and ask me to call them a cab. I did. Then one of them says...hey, you don't remember us do you...I They said, we were here about a year ago and you were very fucking rude. I replied...well now I can see why don't you just wait for your cab and be nice. She said...I'm trying to be nice...I said....try harder. She tried to leave with her beer so I yelled to the doorman...HEY, THE FAT LADY IS TRYING TO STEAL BEER! He follows her into the street and wrenches the bottle from her sausage like fingers as she's trying to get into her cab. Just another adventure at Desperate Annie's.
Joe....I've never heard of that town.

I'm about 30 miles North of Albany.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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