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am I being indifferent or do I think that the skulls line has sort of lost it's significance? Maybe we should all be wearing t -shirts?

Maybe skulls need to be "forumized" so we don't have to look at the bmw stuff?

been awfully quiet since Jb stopped posting there . . . .
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thanks penis. i thought you were having fun too. hey, i tried everything i could to get you both drunk. then john just slipped out that side door again.

hey brentadour, heard you were at the auction last weekend and ran into tex. pretty funny.

whoa....big adventures in upstate. hey jb, are you near skanetelees?? or whatever that silly town name is?? kirtsnes brother, wife, and kids just moved up there. youvve probably seen them running around the track at louden. they come up usually at least once a year.

lake skaneateles

its in central. sw of syracuse. i thought you were more out there. i dont know new your state too well. seems like its way too big and takes too long to drive through.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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