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am I being indifferent or do I think that the skulls line has sort of lost it's significance? Maybe we should all be wearing t -shirts?

Maybe skulls need to be "forumized" so we don't have to look at the bmw stuff?

been awfully quiet since Jb stopped posting there . . . .
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We've been wearing the shirts all along. Well I haven't but Tony and Jeremy have. I'm going to be wearing a Not Half Fast or a Clever Dog one if I ever get around to finishing them.

Johnnys always the excitement of the party. I went to Banquet just to hang with him and Mary. He was there about an hour and said I gotta go to work, good night. It was like all the air was let out of my balloon.

You freak'n balloon killer.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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