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or as im sure aaron knows, when youre cruising down the highway and you see another brit bike going the other direction and you nearly ride onto the shoulder trying to catch a second longer glimpse of it. ive gone past other people on my bonneville just looking at each others bikes and not even wave. i think its astonishment that there are 2 old brit bikes on the same road at the same time! it was always too cool to pull into a gas station and see another one there. or on occasion i would race a guy in southie who had a 69 sporty. he had a big wide glide front end with a huge honkin disk on it. i knew he could outbrake me and i was chicken to really throw it in. but we used to always chase each other down on the road when we had a chance just to give it a good roar down the beach road. more just fun and excitemnt of seeing something of the same era. and remember if you really wanted to be one of those guys, you could. but why would you want to be? its way cooler having the moment of coolness once a month or even longer than it is to look like a rub! dont even get me going on the loser sportbike crowd. only 1 of the sportbike guys at the shop i go to has been to the track. the rest of them talk about riding like they are racing everyplace they go. you know what its like. they are all like 17. little do they know there are kids who are 15 who could take them to school.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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