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Hey guys,
I stumbled across an atrc tach last week in an old bike shop. I know they are worth some dough, but I cant get a straight answer from anyone. they always give me a low number and then offer to take it off my hands. I know it's standard on the factory racers from the 50's and 60's so I'm reluctant to put it on my street bike. Also, I feel like an instument like this should be in it's place on a hot track bike or in a museum. the thing is like new. and includes the rubber mounting ring. the copies are going for about 900 bucks from some guy in New Zealand. I'd be willing to make trades or partial trades for the right stuff but I really don't know where to start on the price/ value.
Here's the specs: Smiths ATRC 2654 (E.X. 2. 3.9:1 hand painted on face apears to be factory) , 12,000 rpm, working condition (bench tested with a power drill) I'd really apreciate any info any one can give me.

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