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So when you've landed a huge (for you) contract do write some inventory management code for an accounting firm that plans on reselling your code and you need to create some demo code, don't put things you find humerous in it. Like don't hide "All your base are belong to us". Especially when its for a very fast growing fastfood chain where you'd never eat. They have no sense of humor.

Especially after they send you their recipe files and ingredient cost....

Anyone ever read the book "Fast Food Nation"? Their costs on the crap you buy from the pimply faced 17yr old over the counter are amazingly low. And I mean amazingly low. And you wonder why small farmers can't earn a living competing with the large argra-businesses...

That's all for now. Back to your beer drinking/fast food eating/TV watching. Your government wants you fat dumb and happy. Go back to watching reruns of Law & Order and Everyone loves Raymond. Your government needs you to prop up a faultering economy by not saving any of your money.

Spend, bitches, spend.

Consume, bitches, comsume.

That's really all for now. Honest.
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hidden messages in projects are funny! well at least to the authors. in catholic school we had to do a children's book. i hooked up with a honor student who was a great artist. he basically drew a calvin and hobbes type character and i wrote the story line. it was called "sammy the sealion, me and the sea." it kicked ass, we got an A and won the grand prize (got to take a day off of school) to go read it to a class of elementry school kids (catholic too), until one of our friends (a real jackass when i think back on it) got jealous, and tipped off the teacher to our hidden satanic message in it. anyone remember the pro-skater natas culpus? he was sponsored by santa cruz and also santa monica airlines. well anyway, in one scene, in the book, we had our calvin character on the beach with sammy the sealion. dan the honor student drew a surfboard and asked what would be a good design/company to put on the board. i told him that natas was a big surfbord company, so he drew it. well, i thought it was funny, and never told dan. i bragged to this kid donnie (the jackass) about it, and then he dropped the dime after he flunked the project, and i laughed at him in class. well, they don't find satanic messages in children's books too funny in catholic school. dan and i flunked the project, got suspended for three days, and never got to read our book to the kids. honor students don't think flunking is funny either.

why didn't i just say quicksilver?

oh well, f-it (and donnie too)!


p.s.- for those who don't get it natas is satan backwards, whoops!
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