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So when you've landed a huge (for you) contract do write some inventory management code for an accounting firm that plans on reselling your code and you need to create some demo code, don't put things you find humerous in it. Like don't hide "All your base are belong to us". Especially when its for a very fast growing fastfood chain where you'd never eat. They have no sense of humor.

Especially after they send you their recipe files and ingredient cost....

Anyone ever read the book "Fast Food Nation"? Their costs on the crap you buy from the pimply faced 17yr old over the counter are amazingly low. And I mean amazingly low. And you wonder why small farmers can't earn a living competing with the large argra-businesses...

That's all for now. Back to your beer drinking/fast food eating/TV watching. Your government wants you fat dumb and happy. Go back to watching reruns of Law & Order and Everyone loves Raymond. Your government needs you to prop up a faultering economy by not saving any of your money.

Spend, bitches, spend.

Consume, bitches, comsume.

That's really all for now. Honest.
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a good friend of mine has been working on one for car dealerships for the past couple of years. they sell it around to local dealers. (they tried the manufacturers with no luck) they have been down to the nada show in atlanta and he claims its worth a casual 80k per year profit. they splits it between 3 of them. just extra cash on the side. he says hes been writing in ruby and says it kicks ass.

sorry, i had to fix this, it was such a disaster....


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so youre saying its an upgrade?? at least you didnt notice her teeth.

this is the same guy who broke his neck snowboarding with me. they go down to the nada show and get a big booth and set up giant flat screens and stuff. pretty cool. anyway, he also has another company that does hosting and email etc....he runs that from servers in his house. another 10k a year for him on the side. he claims he doesnt make enough cash to not have a real job yet but in the next 3 or so years wants to quit working and just do shit on the side. nice eh? right now hes a network architect and security specialist for banks like mbna and chase as well as some insurance companies. heres one of his sites, theres nothing really here, but he usues this for his email clients. hes a pretty cool dude.

thats the majority of what i have to charge for. that and coffee drinking while laughing at poor drawings.

thats right. unfortunately, it means you better not screw up in the production process, and you have to be spot on with your engineering. ever break a machine in the shop on a job and have to spend a day repairing it or waiting for parts?? right now im in the middle of a project that ive never done. breaking totally new ground. everything i do is custom work. but i try to stay within some boundries. this looked too fun to not try, but now its begining to bite me in the ass though. im building a chippendale inspired fence and 2 garden gates. every piece has at least 2 parts that have some kind of trick joinery. its all mortice and tenon stiles and rails. all the dimensions have to be spot on perfect or there are gaps, or the parts wont be at spec. or fit correctly. the posts are 5"x5"x7' solid spanish cedar. each seperate 7'-8" panel has 70 seperate parts. its been a real test to get this thing done. a puzzle of sorts, but its going to look very very cool. i would have loved to billed this at t&m, but unfortunately, in my business, you just cant do that. i refuse to make concessions in quality so once im falling behind, the pressure is bigger and bigger and the money gets less and less. (so the days get longer and longer) things like drawings and site visits have to be built into the price. but if you have to make 10 site visits, instead of 4, how do you bill for that?? it is technically part of the service youre providing initially. so its tough sometimes. especially when you lay awake all night thinking about how to do something. jeeze, if i could bill for those hours.

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