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Solution to replacing lights on CB100

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Hey all, new here. Just got myself a 72’ Honda CB100 with a CL100 engine swap. Im replacing the lighting and fenders, but I’m running into an issue with finding compatible lights. Everything that I’ve found that is low profile runs on 12v, but the bikes battery is only 6v. Haven’t done a TON of research just yet, but what are some of my options? Do I completely swap the system to 12v, assuming the wiring can handle 12v and nothing else on the bike runs off of the battery (I’m pretty sure nothing else on the bike needs battery power considering it’s a kick start)? Lemme know what you think and any links to products and resources would be much appreciated. Cheers!
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Yep, your whole bike is designed to run 6 volts. Putting 12 volt accessories on it is going to be a problem every step of the way.
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