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Some pics from day one of build

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Hey all I wanted to let you guys see what we are starting with. just cut and paste the link
I also put in a album of other projects I have done and are still doing. ine is my duc, it's an 853 now, another one is my old TLR, in 2 color schems, I liked the orange one, the blue was blaa.That was a big project!! I think their is a pic of my old gsxr750also. That one I just painted. the Triumph was fun,Again just paint and some cool bits. then their are some build pics of my street tracker project. this thing got way out of control and is still a work in progress. Actually I started that one with another school I worked at. here I learned what not to do with kids. My new kids may help me assemble this one once I finish up a few things. We are creating a web site dedicated to the build and will keep you all posted of the link. we are comming up with the laundry list of things we are lookinig for, should have that up in a day or so. You can see some of the things we have already on the pics of the stuff on the table. Oh yea in 2 hr's the kids disassembled the sl to bare frame, got a cb 550 tripple tree in and played with 2 different swing arms in the frame
More tommrow
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nice work!


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