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southern man.... almost

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hey all still moving ,spent two weeks moving my shop down .I already have a ,78 Ferarri Dino 308 and a 63 MGB roadster in for work.Im ordering more small parts for Boxer and War Horse. Plan to sell Boxer and ride War Horse in Fla.Its mostly 70s lately so perfect weather,I missed Thunder in the Bay, a big bike gathering in Sarasota .Im in Boston now loading the last of my stuff from home and will be back on the road later today or if Im to beat wednesday am.
Good to see yet another batch of New people "Cafe the Nation" Give me a week and maybe a half week after that and Ill be back calling you guys for big brakes for War Horse front end.
See you all on campus. George
PS I found a club near by that has Monday night Blues jams ,Ill have to bring the Strat over and ring some ear drums .
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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