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Anyone else have this desease?
I have two spare engines and frame for one giro bike, one spare engine and frame for the other, three spare engines for the race bikes, about 8 spare cranks (even though I've never, ever seen a 175 crank fail), five spare heads, multitude of engine covers, cylinders and gear boxes etc.
I'll never use all this stuff...but I also know I'll probably never sell it till I sell the bikes.

Why am I thinking of this....cause I'm moving the 68 GTO in the shop for the winter....guess I'll get it back on the road in a couple of years.
For the winter I'll have two bikes in the house, two in the shop, one in the shed, three in the trailer.
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All of you are now on my Hero list. Some of the stuff you guys have is unbelievable! I can't even begin to imagine some of the stories behind some of this stuff. Man, anyone selling some old bikes? This youngin needs to start up his collection!

Le Canuck
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1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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