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Anyone else have this desease?
I have two spare engines and frame for one giro bike, one spare engine and frame for the other, three spare engines for the race bikes, about 8 spare cranks (even though I've never, ever seen a 175 crank fail), five spare heads, multitude of engine covers, cylinders and gear boxes etc.
I'll never use all this stuff...but I also know I'll probably never sell it till I sell the bikes.

Why am I thinking of this....cause I'm moving the 68 GTO in the shop for the winter....guess I'll get it back on the road in a couple of years.
For the winter I'll have two bikes in the house, two in the shop, one in the shed, three in the trailer.
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Hey, Hey!!! Bonneville's!! Want to get rid of any of the Bonnie's?

Dgy <who just loves Triumph's>


Hm, just to add to Joe C's desease, do you want to trade stuff for Laverda cafe? e-mail [email protected]. Love to get bikes with massively heavy motors.
Just to let you all know the extent of the disease, I have Honda 175 sloper race bike, Honda 175 vertical race bike, Suzuki TS 50 race bike, BMW R60 1968, Honda CB750K 1978, Suzuki T20 complete. The following bikes in parts for restoration in "retirement" - yeah that is going to happen!!!
2 Norton Commandos, 1 750 combat, 1 850 interstate, 2 Laverda SF1 750's, 3 Triumph Bonnevilles, 1963,1967 and 1970, Suzuki T20, MAtchless G12 CSR,
Other stuff hanging around in parts:- Matchless G9 1960, BSA B25 1970 and 1968, 2 Clymer Indian 50cc, Suzuki T250, Honda SL 350 frame and three motors - abandoned racer project, Suzuki TS50 spare for racebike. Bridgestone 175 twin for a race bike. A basement full of stuff
Most importantly a patient wife who lets me get on with my hobby.
Steve Ritzko of M&S Cycle has a Norton project bike that's he's got all apart and I would bet it'll be a long time before it goes back together again. He might part with it. 518 377 7980 He's also got a nice 66' Bonnie that runs good but has been sitting a garage for awhile and needs detailing, cables oiled, that kind of thing. It's actually in pretty nice shape. He'd let that go for somewhere around 4K'ish. If I had the money, it'd be mine.

1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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