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chris tom and bucky have 3000 sq' shop and i have most of my shit there. in addition to chris' basement, my shop, my garage at my house. buckys garage is filled to the point that you have to walk across the tops of bikes to see stuff. its a 4 car. his house is filled with bikes, (ducati, guzzi, a beeza, and i cant remember what else but they are all nice and in his living room.). and his basement too. all pretty much filled. i dont know how many bikes there are between all of us. i take bikes to the shop and they get absorbed into the space somehow. the number changes daily. as far as cb350's go. i have 3 running ones. boxes and crates and shelves, and drawers full of crap. i dont know how many motors. at least 3 or 4 together. probably at least another 4 or so parted. i know there is stuff in the garage at the house here, but i dont bother to go through it anymore. its just easier to buy new stuff. piles of cams, and heads and crap like that. there are parts in the house here and i find stuff in boxes occasionally around the house. ive manged to get rid of most of the frames but i probably have at least 3 or 4 around still. lots of wheels. several front ends. alot of wheels for shit i dont even own. they were just too nice to pass up. then there is the triumph stuff. pretty much an entire 650motor in bits. wheels, iggs, parts, and various crap. then theres the tr25, and the cp77. (mike) at my shop i have chris' tz350 my t120r, and a rolling tool box filled with parts. a motor, one frame, several crashed race tanks, heads and motor parts on shelves. i have almost no cb550 stuff, except the bike. there are probably 6 or so rolling cb350's at the shop. several motors ready to go into fcb bikes. off the top of my head i can list the more complete stuff

beemer 1000 sidecar race rig
2. /2 r69 street bikes one a globe vespa hack
toms r69 street ride
his 750 rig with the stieb
toms r100
chris' r100
2 cb350 racers one a lw/v1 one a fcb
a trick 500 beemer race bike
cb72 racebike
rd350 racebike
laverda 1000 triple cafe basket(make an offer)
2 parted out guzzi californias.
several cb350s
vintage yamaha trials bike a 250
ducati 250
12 new electric rechargable scooters (dont ask they actually belong to someone else)
250 bsa
new rickman rolling chassis
4 or 5 bmw's that belong to various people.
a few boat motors.
porsche 912
piles and shelevs of frames, motors, tires, wheels, tanks etc...

tom probably has the biggest collection of heinrich tanks and body work ive ever seen.

and thats just the shop. buckys garage is so full you cant tell whats in there. lots of rd's an rz, lots of beemer stuff. a motoguzzi. one of those yamaha 600 single racers. and i have no idea what else.

you guys have it easy.

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johnny, you mean de-seize??

ill ask about the laverday. we thought about putting a honda 750 or 1000 motor in the frame. then calling it the lavonda. that way, tom could be out riding lavonda anytime he felt like. (for those of you who dont know tom, its funny, trust me)

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