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speaking of tracks....

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this is old, so don't get your hopes up. Seems the sentiment is still there, still hear people in town talking about the track...

and a pic from bridge 1982...

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pics coming i swear......

on the subject of pocono, i think it is like any other road course in the u.s. where they only have so many weekends available during race season, and those weekends have been reserved by car and sportbike clubs. the "east" course at pocono is the one that is run mostly by sportbike clubs. the "south and north" mostly by car clubs. pocono has the ability to run the north, south, and east courses individually and they would have two different car and bike clubs running the same weekend.

i like the "north" the best for a motorcycle course. the "east" is real flat, and bumpy in sections.

i always wanted the uscra to add it as another course in it's season. nhis, pocono, and beaverun would make a nice uscra series of races.


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