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speed channel :(

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I come home to watch the AMA race at 3 pm. get a few laps into it and they cut in with late breaking nascar coverage. like we care! took a half hour to talk about going around in circles. I hate that over half the coverage is all nascar now.
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the best part was that they went back to the ama race during the cool down lap then interviewed the winners. a real dick move. and just because the race was spoiled for me, i know gobert got 2nd, im going to spoil it for everyone else who hasnt seen it. and just to make sure youre always happy, put every ******* mofo driving a shitbox ford tempo with a nascar sticker on the back window into the rail as hard as you can while yelling out your car window, "still like nascar fucker!!!" every chance you get. we'll all thank you for it. migel did manage a 3rd in the second superbike race. yates was just flying. and i think nicky likes those world superbike tires hes running now. that kid is too fast.

anyone know where i can get a slider window for my truck. mine is now missing thanks to a lawn tractor transporting incident earlier today.
and i dont want jcwhitney as an answer.

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