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state of the bike

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I know state to state its different but anyone have problem with registry with small cafe lights Im at the stage where im looking at tiny ones up to stock turn signals. I have chosen a medium cat eye(speaking of this brand cat eyes beaware there are many sizes and hsapes under the name cat eyes so be sure of the size your getting..they go from very small to full size cat eyes) for War Horse tail light I do like to be seen .which is why id want to go bigger then tiny for turn signals .I mean we all know drivers never see bikes,so its a matter of function over style .So what have the rest of you wished you did or didnt do in lighting.
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well I guess Im on my own on lighting,I have found late bikes in the same family range and other makes stock lights to be of good size and price.I have seen tiny minuscule lights inexpensive but do you really want teeny tiny lights on your bike .NO YOU NEED TO BE SEEN by the casual driver in their car not noticing you at all.So there is a limit to small sized lights and also you dont want beacons of lights hanging off a sleek solo seat.
So I will tread lightly and come up with a happy medium.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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