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Stattz is it running yet

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Stattz waiting for an updtae on your new machine ...
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See Stattz no worries ,we all learned have learned that air box needs to go by now,Im sure .And we all know to stay clear of those carbs ,when you get them on the bench post the name of them so we dont buy them by mistake on ebay!!!
Im sure they are just fine when you get them up and running.which seems to be the hardest part.but an old honda guy might be the guy to hand them too,or you can take them to the bench and continue like the rest of us with "The school of Hard knocks"degree....we'll be here to help.

Stattz here is a microfish of your carbs

This link seems to time out so go to the home page click on oem parts /Honda/then your bike model/then select 1978 carbs( if you click on carb components you will see every moving part inside your carbs without taking them apart)

Great site for looking up parts you dont know what to call them.I hope it helps ...looking at it I can see what your working on though.

I tried saving the pic but it wouldnt let me.

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If I take out the airbox, what are my options for cleaning the air. I've been thinking about the K & N style 3" pod filters. Seems like they would make carb-work a lot easier.

I just bought a parts microfiche from ebay. I'm going to get it printed up. Cool site. I looked at the 550 and several other carbs from similar sized bikes around at the end of the seventies, but did not see any that looked like mine.

I found a place locally that is reputed to do good work cleaning and polishing engines. What would be a good price to get it done? I was thinking of polishing the covers and fins and painting the rest the original factory silver.

Its a labor intensive job polishing because you polish until its done and that depends on the condition of the part your starting with so its not cheap to have others do it for you .Remember geting a surface that has dips and cut outs requires small polishing tools to get into small places so again labor and more labor.

You may want to get an EASTWWOD catalog and do alot your self.

Most options are the universal style sock/foam or K+N looking conical filters and I think thats all there is.
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