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Here's a repost from the USCRA Yahoo Egroup concerning a USCRA member that just got his bike stolen.
Keep your eyes open for it.


I'm still finding this hard to believe but someone(s) broke into my
garage at approximately 4:00 A.M. on Sunday, with my unmarked police
cruiser in the driveway, and my wife and I IN BED SLEEPING! They
stole my Yamaha FJR1300, apparently pushed it down the street and
started it (yup the keys were in it, hell it was locked in my garage)
and then promptly dropped it breaking off the left mirror. The mirror
was found by a neighbor that heard the racket around 4 AM. The scum
managed to right the bike and get away and are yet to be found. I
never heard a thing with my window A/C unit grinding away next to my
bed. They even manager to knock over my R50/2 in the process (with no
apparent damage thank god).

The bike, stolen from Lakeville MA., is a 2003 silver Yamaha FJR1300
with matching hard bags. It was registered in Mass. with plate #
AZ2299 and the last 4 numbers of the VIN. are 1046. (complete VIN can
be supplied if necessary). IT WAS NOT INSURED FOR THEFT! Some
identifiers are after-market heated grips with a two way toggle
switch on the left fairing panel, the missing left mirror (and
possible left side damage) and an old faded Tour Master tank bag with
a couple of maps, a round blue plastic side stand "foot" atached by
a string and an old can of pepper spray. I had just installed an K&N
black oil filter with the "easy removal nut" but other than that the
bike is pretty much stock with about 11,500 miles on it.

PLEASE! if anyone hears anything that could lead to the recovery of
this motorcycle I would be forever in your debt. You can contact me
directly at (work) 508-910-1743, (cell) 508-294-2329, or (home) 508-
947-2083, or you can contact the Lakeville Police Department at 508-
946-4425. Thank you all for your help. Scott
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