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Stolen Bikes!!!

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What do you call an 'Amber Alert' for motorcycles? Here's the scoop, re-posted from NYCvinMoto:

> Guys:
> Since Vincents and Velocettes tend to travel in the same rarefied
> could I please ask you to keep on the lookout for two Velocettes that
> stolen from me between Saturday evening July 1st and Monday afternoon
> 3rd.
> (1) This is a 1960 500 cc Venom that was custom-built by Dave Smith
> Chicago. It has a short-stroke, squish head motor with dual plugs,
> Magneto, dual leading shoe front brake with air scoop, and small
> tank with rubber knee pads and round red Velo emblems. The Engine
> is VM4431, the Frame Number is RS15127, and the 2006 Georgia Tag is
> "VELO60". At the time of the theft the BTH magneto, oil tank, and
> cover and magneto timing gear were not fitted to the bike so these
> components would be needed to run the bike.
> (2) This is an original 1970 500cc Thruxton with approximately 1300
> original miles on the odometer. The Engine Number is VMT1159C (coil
> ignition) and the Frame Number is RS20087. The bike was not
> for the street and did not have a tag. The bike was prepped for
racing by
> the former owner and the tank was painted a "Robin's Egg Blue" color.
> If any of your hear any details about these fine motorcycles, I'd
> certainly appreciate hearing from you, thanks very much for your
> Best regards,
> George Missbach, Jr.
> 3715 Northside Parkway, NW
> Atlanta, Georgia 30327
> - USA -
> Phone: (404) 237-1694
> =46AX: (404) 237-0058
> Email: [email protected]

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Damn shame......when the crack head that stole them realizes that no one wants them or even knows what they are...the bikes will be tossed in some lake or dumped in a field somewhere or just left in some alley where the local kids will disassemble them.
Hopefully the cops will by chance see them before that happens.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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