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just got back from an excellent weekend in the sun at summit point. first i'd like to thank david roper for being in new mexico. secondly i'd like to thank phast phil for not double bumping his bultaco into 500g.p.!

now that those thank you's are out of the way, some results....

aaron phinney show great fortitude in driving solo down to represent the cafetypes and race his cb175. unfortunately, he had a mechanical, four laps in the 250g.p. race and retired on the side of the front straight. he gave major props to me by waving fingers as i rode by four more times. aaron, thanks for the support.

scottish andrew (triumph twin rider), also dnf'ed the vintage three race with a ht lead problem which led to a one cylinder bike. i believe he was in third at the time.

the team incompleters were there in force with two nortons and a new aermacchi. the nortons finished both of their races while the aermacchi had some ignition problems and retired during the 500g.p. race after three laps.

steve d'angelo completed both of his races, had great scraps with lotsa faster bikes, and told some pretty funny jokes.

phast phil put on a clinic for all to see. his bultaco was turning consistant 1:35 laps, which is a roper time on his 250 aermacchi. dave is down to 1:30's on the 350 aermacchi.

i won the 500g.p. race, got passed by phil (who was in 250 class) and after one and a half laps never saw him or anybody. in the 350g.p. race phil passed me and all the traffic ahead of us in t1, then checked out to his second win of the day. i hung with the vintage two bikes, passing lots of them to score a second place. turned my fastest lap there 1:39, in four consecutive laps.

it was a super weekend with temps in the midseventies, clear skies, and lots of vintage bikes (our best turnout ever!).

sorry most of you missed it, but i realize that a four race series is taxing on all of your old bikes. ;)

see you at frontierland!

tex mawby, still #1 500g.p. wera vintage champion (for another month)!
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