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While you **** were down there we road 200 miles at full throttle across pavement, dirt, and gravel. All the core members of the USCRA were of course you guys weren't...but it's ok, no one missed you.
And we're all going to be in a magazine....but it won't be the HomoTimes that you guys subscribe too.

Aaron...what happened to the bike?
The bike ran great, joes brake worked well, and Oldakowski didn't get me until the second lap. Turk was gone and I wasn't going to catch him anyway. My bike ran great but started acting strange like misfiring at random spots on the track but for the most part ran well. I was trying to keep Oldakowski in site but he was definately pulling away. While I was leaned over in the carosel and trying to make up time, my bike shut off. My crank snagged the wiring to my fancy crank triggered ignition and unpluged it. After figuring out what happened, I plugged it back in and finished to get my 7th place points. My lap times were almost 2 seconds faster then the last time I went and I have 2.5 less hp's. So the racing was great but my results sucked.

I'm coming after you boyee... Actually no sand baggin at Frontier.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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