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As always it was a great weekend. My bike ran the best it has all season but my times were not so hot. The sealer in t3 and t10 was right on the lines I normally use and I just couldn't figure out how to go fast on another line. Plus t5 and t6 were so fast with the resurfacing that I was totally screwed up in t7 and t8 and never got a good drive out of t9.

It was a drag missing the 500GP race with a flat. It was fine in both practice sessions but when i bump started for the race it was flatter than Debra Messing. Thanks to Jeff and especially Joe for helping me finish putting it back together just in time for the 350GP race. Joe's right though. I wasn't all there mentally when I went out and the sealer turns just had me totally whacked.

Seeing Rich laying in t1 out cold was pretty creepy. I talked with him afterward and he said he didn't remember a thing except braking hard and then waking up in the ambulance. Bet he won't follow so close behind someone into t1 again.

Tim's riding is just absolutely amazing. That man knows what he's doing. Just talking to him about what he's thinking when he's riding is an education. I hope I'm that good when I grow up.

Can't wait for VIR. See everyone in March.

PS. My daughter is probably scared for life after a weekend exposure to you hoodlums but I guess she needed a dose of real life sooner or later. She especially liked Tex's telling her it's be really cool if she had some grass to share. Another plus was that the sight of the spawn beating Bucky with sticks around the fire Saturday night had more impact than any birth control lecture I could ever give.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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