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another amazing weekend with my favorite people doing my favorite things. all you effers who find ways to miss these events without catheters or I.V.s or other medical obstacles just plain suck....i wish you all had been there this weekend.

tex and joe pretty much covered things. the weather was great and the track was awesome despite some mid corner sealant scattered about the place.... which i actually kinda think just pushed us all out onto the fast outside line anyway, and the pits were a real hoot.

out on the track the big news was how tex was just plain flying around this weekend. it's pretty obvious that a few more laps with the new Hp has created a comfortable, calm, quiet and smooth relationship between tex and the new modified bike. for instance, in practice i was just able to throw the stock bike inside of tex in T9 but by the time we'd straightened the bikes back up i felt this sensual caress coming up my spine as tex's 61x plate came into view and by the time we were side by side i'm pretty sure he gave me a little love pat on the helmet and he gapped me for good....he's a really sweet guy despite the threats to hit my killswitch and crack my clavicles, which would have been an easy thing for him to do the way he was riding. then in the V2/500gp race he just checked out from the very start....i was even on pole for that start and i had no prayer of getting to T1 first...Summit Point really is tex's house. then for the V1/350gp race the stockers were gridded in the back so we did have a great view of tex sliding through the exit of T1, but by the time we were on the scene he was already up and running for his bike. and then how cool was this....coming around for my second in the distance from the front straight scoring tower i can see tex rolling back onto T1, it's so good to know that your friends are safe and their bikes are sound that soon after watching them go off. so i was just able to find his rear tire by T3 and was able to let him know that his race day wasn't over by T5. we had a good back and forth for a couple of laps and i was looking forward to our dash for the checkered until he got his very first meatball flag (congratulations again, sir) for missing hot-tech.

and speaking of a comfortable, calm, quiet and smooth relationship with your motorcycle, clancypants just keeps getting faster and faster while having the best races with everyone on the grid. in the last three race weekends he's had a dicey race with me, then with MikeO and this weekend with D'Angelo all the while his laptimes are dropping....nice show dude. joe said last year at VIR that he was gonna start riding better & faster and he's totally doing just that.

and finally i have to thank whatevs and dave roper for finding better things to do this weekend than show up and run the GP classes...which allowed me my first two WERA race wins. following tex around in practice was a huge jumpstart to my day and the engine that the monkey/EVIL/J'nt'D cobbled together for me, trackside at NHmS, is still rockin' it. i just hate that the season's over

VIR bitches-
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