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summit role call

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whos making summit and whos doing the double? rosko, you commin? it'll be a cake walk since hopefully dave wont be there. or aaron! although chris has 2 bikes prepped for 350gp. and bucky will have his back out. i cant wait, the grid should be great great fun. maybe 10 or more of us!

so whos doing what?


"tex, if your bikes a cheater, its not a very good one"
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i will be appearing on the summit/nhis stages in the role of team transport driver, pit crew and will be debuting my new head in the largely anticipated performance as racer in 350GP, 500GP and V3.

josie, what's suicidal about V3? i've seen tex win the thing, i usually get to see the white flag, and i'm 2nd in points for V3 while i'm 3rd or 4th in 350 and 500.


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yeah, it's a different grid and you're missed. last NHIS there was no Rabbie, no JntD, no Tex, no MikeO. and what do i do but drop a cylinder. but thanks, we needed your year off too to play some catch-up. don't allow George to stay home again, he would have finished on the podium.

get back out here soon-

yeah, those bikes do destroy the stocker and there's no chance of a race win, or even seeing the lead bike until he laps me....but i'm used to that. my only goal in V3 is to learn a few corners and to see the white flag. track time = lower time.


how'm i sposed to get a pit "partner" if you edit out my phone number?

talk to you soon...and still, keep your hands off my tank.


as much as i like you, i don't like you on the same grids with i'm hopin' you get stuck in NYC for the weekend. or i can squeeze you in the the Mazdarati, but only with enough room to bring your camera.

but seriously, could three of us get in a CC van? it seems like it? i know i can just barely do two in my little pickup. i do have an old dodge pickup, but it's a bit sketchy for trips to get milk at the deli. then there's the matter that i live 75 miles out of the city.

hmmm....if we all went in on the van, and packed light. i could haul my stuff to my garden in mount kisco, you could meet me up here already loaded friday, and we'd just throw my stuff in and go, then you could just drop me back at the garden on the way home monday night.

it's a ton of driving and fuel, so it'd be tons better to take at least one less vehicle.


keep your hands off the new wanker. and if you're grooming anyone for dillweed status, it's gotta be me.

pete is yeller, not champII-
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