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summit role call

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whos making summit and whos doing the double? rosko, you commin? it'll be a cake walk since hopefully dave wont be there. or aaron! although chris has 2 bikes prepped for 350gp. and bucky will have his back out. i cant wait, the grid should be great great fun. maybe 10 or more of us!

so whos doing what?


"tex, if your bikes a cheater, its not a very good one"
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Whats up?? What are you doing? We miss the turn3 hinge move!!

quote: sounds like a gay weekend to me! Is vile involved in the 3some?
Bromance and umbrellas??

quote: Enjoy the swap/ show. hmmmmm... isn't that on our way????
I think Pete should be named "champ2" being independent and everything, ya know.

Wanker, NOT.

1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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