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summit role call

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whos making summit and whos doing the double? rosko, you commin? it'll be a cake walk since hopefully dave wont be there. or aaron! although chris has 2 bikes prepped for 350gp. and bucky will have his back out. i cant wait, the grid should be great great fun. maybe 10 or more of us!

so whos doing what?


"tex, if your bikes a cheater, its not a very good one"
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I'm paying off a Mt. of debt and don't have the know how, space or money to get the ride in tip top condition so I'm laying low until I can show up with something non-ghetto. I think losing the work boots started me on this gig :)
I hope to be back next year with a bad ride, travel time and money and my ever lasting bad attitude.
If NHIS doesn't have shitbag weather I'll be up to root you wankers on!!

J nt D

"hinge move" ??
come on and at least visit. we miss your boots.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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