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summit, summit, bo bummit, fe fi fo fummit, summit!

who from the cafe board is going?

need a good ole' roll call.

come on gents, this is the last race of the year, unless your going to the gnf.

texy will be trackside.

see you on the 17th!

"dude, my boots feel like they are filled with rain slushies!"
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im in. my dads goin too from s.c. a.d. you commin up dude??? ttilghman??? hey rosko, you get your papers yet??? hey, i have a '68 motor i might be able to have pried from my fingers. remember you asked??? i know phinneys commin. zach commin??? chris is riding the r6 over the weekend.

Yea, planning on being there. Order up some good weather please. And did you imply that C-marsh is riding an R6?

Also, I've been trying to learn the track, but the on-board video selection that I've found so far has been poor. If someone could point me in the right direction of an on-board video that is averaging more than 45mph I would appreciate it. Whoever links the best video wins a prize.

False alarm. I'm not learning the track. No prizes will be given out. For anything. Ever.

You see that Phinneous?!? We're missing a showdown with Marshall on the R6! Man, that would have been fun. I'm really not trying to make you feel guilty, I just know you want me to whip him stupid.

1 - 4 of 59 Posts
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