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summit, summit, bo bummit, fe fi fo fummit, summit!

who from the cafe board is going?

need a good ole' roll call.

come on gents, this is the last race of the year, unless your going to the gnf.

texy will be trackside.

see you on the 17th!

"dude, my boots feel like they are filled with rain slushies!"
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Sorry to say I can't make it.. but have some scooter fun and moonshine for me !!! Tell Scottie from startrek I said hi too...

John "JD" Donovan
damn... I'm just catching up on all this... I'm just happy to have met you gentlemen and honored to have had the chance to race any motorcycle on a track .... (if given to sides I am from Boston:)
sorry for the interuption... go on.

John "JD" Donovan
1 - 2 of 59 Posts
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