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summit, summit, bo bummit, fe fi fo fummit, summit!

who from the cafe board is going?

need a good ole' roll call.

come on gents, this is the last race of the year, unless your going to the gnf.

texy will be trackside.

see you on the 17th!

"dude, my boots feel like they are filled with rain slushies!"
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Can't make it after all. Even though we don't have a school, I have been in the village flying the flag and organizing some educational opportunities for the little tykes in some community spaces. I am in WI at the moment collecting up some stuff to replace some of my burned stuff (guns and clothes) but will be back in AK on Thurs. I have been living without sewer and water for the past 3 weeks in the village so a shower and flush toilets have been really cool for the past several days.
Have fun at Summit and I really wish I was going to be there. It is the first track I ever raced at, 1977.


Vintage racing - old guys on old bikes
1 - 1 of 59 Posts
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