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summit, summit, bo bummit, fe fi fo fummit, summit!

who from the cafe board is going?

need a good ole' roll call.

come on gents, this is the last race of the year, unless your going to the gnf.

texy will be trackside.

see you on the 17th!

"dude, my boots feel like they are filled with rain slushies!"
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Its my fault Zack can't go. I'm the bad guy, I'm terrible, blah, blah...

I have a rope though, Aaron
Ummm.... I was going to respond to this, but the ridiculousness of this thread is overwhelming. Chris is a great rider but there is a huge difference between riding and R6 for an afternoon and trying to knock off a tenth of a second at a time to compete with the fastest guys around. I like Chris and I think he's fast but it would be a better race if I were on the bike.

Sorry Zack
Zack I give you hard time on xr100's, you better call Greenwood and tell him to watch out.

Joes got all kinds of soars and spots.

Tex are you gonna beat me on the R6 like you did with the 125?

Dude... I raced one 350 race on a 175 and your worried about points. I'd be more worried about that long rubber band thats been holding you back.

I think I see a Baltimore vs Boston race. Joe since you know everything... You pick the class and the location (I would assume Summit cause you guys know the track so well) I think I can get Jeremy to sponsor it and then we'll come kick your asses. Maybe we should ride your bikes and just do faster lap times on your own machines, or maybe we could rent the track for a day and put on a school, or maybe you stop smoking Chris pole which seems to be screwing with things in your mind that are not real.

I say first Summit Round of next year.

Texas, Grab that 916... your on.

1 - 6 of 59 Posts
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