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summit, summit, bo bummit, fe fi fo fummit, summit!

who from the cafe board is going?

need a good ole' roll call.

come on gents, this is the last race of the year, unless your going to the gnf.

texy will be trackside.

see you on the 17th!

"dude, my boots feel like they are filled with rain slushies!"
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Fuck, I'm out as well. I will be @ Barber in Oct. Hope to see some of y'all there...

Cheers, A.D.
hey spaz....i just said back him up 5 years, and track knowledge would be about the only thing that comes into play. why dont you bring the r6 and ride it?? i bet hes faster on the tz than youd be on the r6. i dont know whod be faster on r6's though. you should bring it. itd actually be alot of fun to watch both of you start on the last row and see how far up you can get. seriously, do it. ah, chris is an expert though, so you wouldnt actually run against him. hmm....i think ross' r6 is currentloy running around 100hp at the wheel.

and since were there, whats yours putting out. ive actually been curious.

and your just crabby cuz i dont have a transponder for you. its ok, i wont stop loving you.

shit, i'd be faster than aaron on the r6.

tex "i'm bringing the pancakes, i'm just not making them" mawby

How's Chris going to win anything with Joe's mouth attached to his penis?

the same way you ride with aarons dick in yours.


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and whats wrong with my penis in my mouth? what can i say, im limber.

ok, its starting to get re-dick-ulous.


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Joes got all kinds of soars and spots.

Tex are you gonna beat me on the R6 like you did with the 125?

you meant, the fastest guys hampshire, right?

aaron, you know youre only 15 points behind me right?? i cant wait to race this weekend. ive never felt like i had to beat anyone this much before. although i wont be pissed if you beat me. im looking forward to it.

hey, i was thinking it too tex!

Dude... I raced one 350 race on a 175 and your worried about points. I'd be more worried about that long rubber band thats been holding you back.

I think I see a Baltimore vs Boston race. Joe since you know everything... You pick the class and the location (I would assume Summit cause you guys know the track so well) I think I can get Jeremy to sponsor it and then we'll come kick your asses. Maybe we should ride your bikes and just do faster lap times on your own machines, or maybe we could rent the track for a day and put on a school, or maybe you stop smoking Chris pole which seems to be screwing with things in your mind that are not real.

I say first Summit Round of next year.

you dudes are funny!


with the exception of yourself, and mike o. once or twice. your the only bostonian that ever races at summit. so are you gonna take us all on?!?!?

touche about the rs125. i really sucked on that machine.

however, you've never seen me race a modern bike. i did do it alot the year i worked with team promotion. buells, cbrs, gxxrs, ex's, 'prilias, etc......

i turned some good laps at summit, vir, beaverun, nelson, mosport, cmp, and pocono.

i'm sure aaron brown would lend me his spare ducati 916 anytime you wanted to 'grudge' me on the track. not exactly an r6, however, i might just suprise you.

see you trackside, turkeytits!


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ha ha

this shit is great....... carry on please

well, ive only done 2 rounds this year. its not that im worried about points, i just wont be able to live another year if i have to watch you walking around all smug! and i know youll be doing everything to try and beat dave if you can. (like thats going to happen) barber has 95 points, so hes pretty much got it in the bag. there are like 4 people tied for 4th place. getting a 3rd after only 3 races that rivals any of the uscras series. also, so you know, the stocker may be available for the 500 if youre interested. ithnk youre in the points ther too no? i think we got ross' situation figured out. hes going to take his bike down to his place and dyno it today. see if he can get some shit figured out. i hate that rubber band. and that shifter. actually, i hate that entire bike. next year ill be back to waiting for you on the front straight if that'll make you feel better. maybe they can put a bus stop there for me or something.

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You mean people down there are proud when they can beat your 175 on a 350??
But I guess if I was a 350 rider I'd rather finish 3thd at Summit against 3 bikes than 15th against 20 bikes at NHIS.
It's cool though, it's gotten the really slow guys off the track at NHIS so we can do some good practice laps without them getting in the way.
You mean people down there are proud when they can beat your 175 on a 350??
lol.. Tell him that his mother dresses him funny. That always gets them...
Texas, Grab that 916... your on.

that race ill watch!!! yeah, jb, another one whos never show up at summit. you know 350gp is the only class left for the sub 350 bikes right??? why dont ya come on out and play? god, i cant wait to ride my own bike again!

man, the smack talking around here is good.

Hehe...I love the talk.

I figure I could finish in the top five or six in the 350 class down there. Depends on how many hot 350 there are.

Aaron and I just finished probably 4th and 5th overall in the combined 200gp/FCB race at NHIS. About 20 350s and 10 200gp bikes. Course we were 1 and 2 in 200gp.

Aaron and his 175 are flying so watch out. He's cutting 1:38's at NHIS on it.
damn... I'm just catching up on all this... I'm just happy to have met you gentlemen and honored to have had the chance to race any motorcycle on a track .... (if given to sides I am from Boston:)
sorry for the interuption... go on.

John "JD" Donovan
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