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summit, summit, bo bummit, fe fi fo fummit, summit!

who from the cafe board is going?

need a good ole' roll call.

come on gents, this is the last race of the year, unless your going to the gnf.

texy will be trackside.

see you on the 17th!

"dude, my boots feel like they are filled with rain slushies!"
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Blow me outlander!

I don't even know what that means.

let me get this... if guys from boston show up, we pretty much are guarenteed a 3rd place finish. wow, thats aweful nice of you southern boys. yeeeee hawwwwww!!!!! next thing you get us drunk on your moonshine and try pulling some deliverence shit on us.

i will stay up here where it is safe

there are usually about 8 bikes on the 350 grid. but we grid with v1 (lwsv/lw proddie, whatever its called up there now) the only real fast 350gp bike is ropers. the rest of us are left to fend for ourselves. we used to have some fast ducatis and such show up, but i dont know where they all went. since wera eliminated the 250 class, alot of bikes have dissapeared. which is too bad. they always made for a fun race in 350. turk used to show, and steve d'but i think with the smaller class gone, and steves condition, thats the end of that. so if pete showed up, thatd be a nice addition to the grid and not such a walk away for roper. or if chris had his ducati running still. i guess its important to remember that there is no fcb with wera. its more like the old 350gp.

and matt, i promised id be gentle the first time, remember?

well i'm late for the track as usual.....

johnny b,

yep, all them slow 350's are more than happy to oblige you in any race, just like frontierland last year. that was some good fun. wonder if someone will lend me a 175 for next year? do they allow the bstones in the 200gp class? if so, i guess i should just build one of them, since i have two by default (cause no one will buy them)......

well, i guess i better get to packing the van.

see ya'll trackside.


you better get your ass down to summit next year.

j not that, i will always consider you a mainer.



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i could say to you... i will be there next year. unfortunately for my traveling racing career... emily is preggers with kid number two. so maybe i will see ya on the grid sometime sexytexy

Yeah...a couple of 350's beat my little 175 at Frontier last and Rabbie...course I was riding with a blown sidewall in my rear tire...ask anyone.

I'll be there this year for the rematch. Jeez, just think if I had a 250, I'd be untouchable. But I like the challenge, giving up 150cc and making up for it with skill.
Guess I could build a 350....nahhh...that would be too easy.
we had a great time this weekend. lots of wild shit. tim, awesome riding with you. i hate my motorcycle. glad i could help get you going too. gotta get a little faster.. its just not right for a stocker to lap another stocker! anyway, we all got wood im pretty sure, and maybe converted another modern guy to vintage, although he could have changed his mind at this point. aaron, i will say i was very disappointed at not seeing you there to race. i was seriously looking forward to it. but rope didnt show either. so you guys are tied for 3rd in the region. kinda funny! anyway, sorry ya'll missed out. chris rode the r6 for the first time. one round of practice and then a solo16. he started 38th. finished 17th i think. not bad. the only time hes raced a modern bike. it was great to watch him ride in the pack like that. instead of out front like usual. anyway, great races, lot of fun, and sorry yalls missed out.

march is right around the corner, start planning your schedule now. and get working on those bikes.

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good times!

i gotta start working on my bike now, instead of march like i usually do!

congrats to chris marshall on winning the 1st pancake grand prix championship. in his usual grace, he declined to accept his award saying that we weren't racing equal bikes......i then chose to sleep in and not cook pancakes and waffles sunday morning.

looks like mike ewer will win the v1 and v2 national championships and steven barber will win the 500gp championship. russ beltz has a chance to win the v3 championship, but it won't be easy. hope all those dudes do well as it will be nice to see those #1 plates next year in our region.

aaron, sorry you couldn't make it. you were truly missed.

peace out.


p.s. to monkey - congrats on the second little bone machine!

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bone machine numba 2 isn't due to hatch until march... you know where i will be in march.... probably not racing down south


great to see everyone and start to learn the track in the dry. i had a hoot. thanks to everyone in the was worth missing my 500GP race just to see Clancy blow a nut when the damn scooter started. Clancy II rocks too.

the rest of you USCRA losers need to make this trip, serious, it's worth the extra hours.

that was pretty exciting. you missed it, i fixed texs bike on sunday too!

now on to the tz! (yeah right)

we watched bucky do his race. it was amusing. last place on the r6. i think ross got lapped buy 10 guys simultaniously in t8. it was frightening to watch. they were passing him on the inside and outside at the same time. he turned a 1sec faster lap time than bucky. hell get faster though. im sure.

really glad you guys made it down.

by the guys, lap times are up on

and branson, you know they run a 50 class right??? you gotta get down here and run the 50. they shorten the course up for it and it looks great. id like to see mary school some of those little bastards on the metrakits.

we had a great time this weekend. lots of wild shit. tim, awesome riding with you. i hate my motorcycle. glad i could help get you going too. gotta get a little faster.. its just not right for a stocker to lap another stocker! anyway, we all got wood im pretty sure


Not fair! I should've got on the scooter and raced you on it - probably would've beat ya :) Give me time, I'm getting there! Shit I'm at least finishing races! Thanks for the good times though. Tex your wife is cool, remind her of my sound effect she got a trip out of that? Or was it the Petron, hmmmm? :)


"Dude just connect the dots on the track and you'll be ok"
Joe, are their rules for their 50 class posted anywhere?


casey got a big kick out of meeting you. she said you were the highlight of her weekend.


i guess you finished second to alex on that one.


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looks like you could run in superbike50 but probaly would kick ass in f-80 also. theyre are usually like crf150 type dirtbikes out there. the kids on the metrakits seemed fast.

it would be fun to come down and metrakit those people. my 50's are getting more and more dialed each day. not that it matters.... i will ahve 2 kids by next season. i would have to bring the whole family and incorporate a waterslide park and shopping to make everyone else happy.

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